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Six Weeks - A Vision Outside of Now.

Often when we are seeking to make a move or change in life we have a hard time seeing ourselves outside of now. Whatever now looks like, our fears, our resources, our circumstances. It is hard to imagine that tomorrow will be much different. So we grind away procrastinating on the hopes and dreams we truly want to seek but believe our outside are grasp.

One way that can help us to see things through a different lens is to picture 6 weeks from. If we committed to a change what could, what would 6 weeks from now look like? This gives us a starting point to say OK, if that is where I want to be six weeks from now what do I need to do today to make that vision happen. What about this week? Next week?

This simple process can be powerful and it is a bit of an introduction to Life Coaching. This is what Life Coaches do, we help you to think through those steps and resources you need to achieve those goals.

I spoke on this from a Biblical point of view in a devotional I did for church. Give it a view.

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