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Scope of Practice

Coaching is a helping relationship that seeks to come beside a client to help achieve goals in his or her life. Coaching is not counseling or even consulting. Coaching is about a co-active relationship that seeks to help a coachee evaluate their goals and the resources they have to achieve those goals. It is about building vision, education,  brainstorming, planning, and accountability. It is about getting from where you are to where you want to be.

What is Life Coaching

To read more about what Life coaching is click here.

Coaching process Overview

You can view the basic process of  life coaching by click below

Statement of Ethics

Click below to see my statementt on ethics.

Sample Coaching Agreement

View a sample coaching contract , click below.

  1. Coaching service is provided online through Google Meet.

  2. Sessions can be schedules as individual sessions or through coaching packages.

Coaching fee is $85 per 1-hr session. I do offer discounts for multiple session packages bought in advance.

Better Quality of Life through Better Communication is what I seek to provide my coaching clients. Lets talk about how we can build a successful coaching relationship.

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