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Holiness in Marriage

"Since marriage is the most intimate relationship a person can be involved in, other than that which they share with God, it serves the human family well as the ultimate training arena for holiness and maturity." - Dwell with Understanding, p. 108

This book and the researched material found within have been developed to benefit marriages of all ages and maturity levels. It is an opportunity to help build and maintain healthy communication in marriage. With that in mind I wanted to give my readers here a peak into this book to show some of the material you will find in it. What better way then to show a lesson from the book. This is lesson 6 on "Holiness in Marriage." This is recorded as it was delivered back in the research stage. I hope you will find it beneficial and if you do and want to possibly check out the whole book there is link below you can follow to purchase.

To purchase my book - Dwell With Understanding click below:

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