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My New Book is Now Available for Purchase

My new book Dwell with Understanding is now available to purchase. The book is designed to provide a six-lesson education program for married couples to help build better and stronger communication from a Christian and practical point of view. The book extends from my doctoral work and research. If you are married or looking to get married this would be a wonderful book to go through with your spouse or potential spouse.

I though I would share a simple excerpt from the book, so here you go!

Excerpt from page 18 of Dwell with Understanding:

In addition to sacrifice and love, there is one more concept that is worthy of careful consideration from this text. Paul stated a clear purpose in both the actions of Jesus toward the church and husbands toward their wives; that purpose is holiness. While modern views of marriage may center around happiness, inclusion, or even arguments over rights, Paul stated that a husband was to love his wife as to present her holy and without blemish just as the example of how Christ loved the church (Eph 5:27-28).

You can purchase this new book on Amazon right now!

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