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Life, Happiness, and Home

Life can be very tough and at times very trying. We set out desiring to live a good life. We envision having a good career and a good family. Along the way, the realities of life hit us and sometimes hit us hard. We face unexpected trials, sickness, and struggles. Sometimes they are brought on by our foolish mistakes, arrogance, and rebellion. Sometimes they are the result of the same endeavors by others. Still, sometimes things just happen and are a part of the struggle of life on this Earth. We face loss, disappointment, and fatigue. It leaves us scratching and yearning for answers, for purpose and for belonging.

In our search for fulfillment and purpose, we seek after hobbies, careers, and relationships. For a time they bring us bliss and happiness but then it fades. The new wears off, and following what we have been taught and trained by the world, we decide it is time for a new job, relationship or hobby. The newness hits us once again and we are happy; however, like the first set of endeavors, the happiness wanes, and again we are off to the next new thing to bring us joy. Is this the sum of our life? The world would have us think so. We are on a never-ending quest for the elusive happiness that seems like mist, we reach out to grab hold and it quickly dissipates. The wise king Solomon struggled with this worldly concept, "I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and indeed, all is vanity and grasping for the wind." (Ecclesiastes 1:14).

The world has sold us some deceptive truth when it comes to true happiness. True happiness has its source somewhere entirely different. It is found in a relationship, a true relationship with our Creator. An honest look at who we are and the potential of who we can be. An investment not into new things but things of value and eternal significance. You see God is missing from our lives. To quote Solomon once again, "Remember now your Creator!" (Ecclesiastes 12:1,6). A true and deep relationship with our Creator helps us not only to see Him but to see others as we should. It offers us true blessedness and joy. I believe this is what is missing in so many of our lives. I believe it is why the Lord placed His church here on this Earth, to allow people a home, a place away from the half-truth forms of happiness the world preaches. A home where God the Father teaches, rebukes where necessary, fellowships and encourages His children. A home where Jesus shows us the true nature of love and the reality of value. A home that Jesus invites you, not to visit, but to become a part of. That is an invitation worth considering.

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