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Coaching - Moving from Current Self to Ideal Self

Coaching is about helping people move from where they are to where they want to be. This could be in personal life goals, life or career development, or could be in leadership goals, communications goals, or any number of ways someone might seek to improve themselves.

A proven and effective model for coaching someone to improvement comes from "Intentional Change Theory" and follows a simple but powerful model as displayed above. While this is a simple form of the model, and specific goals and personal attributes might require additional steps and/or insights the following steps outline the coaching process using this model.

  1. Envisioning the Ideal Self - the coaching process begins with the coaching client envisioning the "ideal" they are seeking to reach or achieve.

  2. Evaluating Strengths and Weakness - the emphasis here is on strengths. Strengths are the bridge from current self to the ideal self. This steps also requires an honest look at weaknesses and roadblocks that are holding back the ideal self.

  3. Creating a Learning Agenda - at this phase the coach is helping the client to figure what resources are missing or needed to help achieve the desired result or goal. This often includes learning, skills, but can include other pieces of the puzzle.

  4. Establishing new Behaviors - During the learning agenda new behaviors or actions are identified. in this phase the coaching client is challenged to practice putting these in place.

  5. Encouragement through Trusting Relationship - change require encouragement that comes through trusting relationships. While this in part will come through the coaching relationship, others people in the coaching clients life needed to be identified that can help encourage the change process.

This process ends where it begins in evaluating the work put in against where the coaching client started and where the were aiming. Success is reached if the coaching client feels they have arrived where they desired or are on a path to continue on their own. The cycle begins again if the client feels there are more objectives, goals, or progress they wish to make.

If you have ever wondered what this coaching process was all about I hope this gives you a bit of insight. If you want to dig deeper I'd love an opportunity to discuss and explore these things further with you.

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