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Modern Solutions to Overcoming Disadvantages of Introversion

Have you ever been surrounded by a group of people, yet felt completely alone? Do you ever get overwhelmed by the idea of socializing or socializing in large groups? Do you feel recharged when you spend time doing hobbies on your own?

It’s possible you might be an introvert.

Introverts are generally reserved or quiet people who find they expend a lot of energy from being in a crowd.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert and recharging during alone time. However, some introverts stay in their head so much that it holds them back from interacting with those around them.

If you identify as an introvert, and want to be less reserved, here are ways you can get out of your head and interact with the present.

Tips to overcoming introversion:

Practice relating to others. Most introverts would rather listen than talk. Many introverts deflect attention from them by asking question after question. One way to overcome introversion is to practice relating to others by sharing how you relate to them.

● “I really relate to what you said about…(topic). I experienced (what you experienced.”

Don’t limit yourself with the introversion label. We can use our identity to our disadvantage by saying things like, “I’m introverted, so I won’t enjoy this situation.” While it’s perfectly normal for us to choose situations that fulfill us, it’s important to also look for opportunities to grow and challenge ourselves.

● You can be introverted and take action to enjoy a group setting, such as finding one person you can have an in-depth conversation with.

● You can be introverted and start a conversation with someone! Try beginning the conversation by complimenting the other person and see if there’s an opportunity to say more.

Be proactive. Create a plan that takes you out of your comfort zone. Regardless of whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert, learning how to be proactive to achieve your goals will help you grow in life.

● If your goal is to make more close friends, schedule one coffee date per week with someone to get to know them better.

● If your goal is to speak up more at work, create a plan to speak up more often in meetings or privately with your boss.

Give yourself time to recharge. Plan a day or night where you can do activities that recharge you. For example, reserve Sunday evenings to yourself so you can do art, read a book, or binge Netflix. Or, if you’re at a busy event, find a quiet space where you can spend 10-15 minutes recharging.

Learn to tell stories. One way to captivate a group and make them feel closer to you is learning to tell stories. Practice bringing stories from your journal into social settings. Set the scene, build suspense, and then end with a lesson or outcome.

Silence your inner critic. Because introverts spend so much time alone, they tend to have a loud inner critic. Your inner critic is that voice that tells you, “you’re too quiet” or “no one likes you.”

One of the hardest, yet most transformational, ways to overcome introversion is to replace those negative statements with positive, loving ones.

Your ability to listen is a superpower. Because introverts are so reflective, they tend to be good listeners. Remember that your ability to listen is a superpower! It can build trust and deep friendships.

Learn to trust others. Because introverts spend so much time alone, the person they trust most tends to be themselves. Learning how to trust others and ask for help can make your life more fulfilling!

● You don’t need to trust everyone you meet - but practice asking for help and building your network of people whom you trust slowly, over time.

As an introvert, you have so many special qualities that are valuable in a friend or colleague. When you do things like see your ability to listen as a superpower and give yourself time to recharge, you can live a fulfilled life spending quality time with both yourself and others.

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